Is there a crisis on infinite DC earths?

As the old DC Extended Universe gives way to whatever DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have planned next, a lot of popular characters and actors find themselves in limbo. (Does DC have a Limbo? Marvel definitely has a Limbo. I can’t remember.) Gunn and Safran are making a new DC universe, and some established characters are being recast. They’ve already chosen David Corenswet as their new Superman, for example.

But then there are some long-running DC actors whose fates are not entirely clear. Gal Gadot made one very popular Wonder Woman movie (and then one not-as-popular sequel), plus several Justice Leagues and cameos, and she’s certainly could keep playing the role for quite a few more years — if DC wants her.

But do they? That’s the part we don’t know. Gadot herself recently gave an interview where she claimed that “from what I heard from James [Gunn] and from Peter [Safran] is that we're gonna develop a Wonder Woman 3 together.”

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But now those comments are directly contradicted by a new report in Variety. Their “sources” claim that Wonder Woman 3 “is not in development at DC Studios nor do Gunn and Safran have plans at this time for any Wonder Woman project in the new DC Universe other than their previously announced Paradise Lost prequel series for Max.”

That series is supposedly a prequel about Themyscira the island home of Wonder Woman and her race of Amazons. (Think Game of Thrones but with an all-female cast.) The report also says that “nothing was ever promised to Gadot regarding Wonder Woman 3, nor was there any definitive discussion of Gadot’s Wonder Woman continuing with the new DC Universe.”

So who do we believe here? It’s possible to envision a scenario where both of these views are mostly correct. Clearly there isn’t a Wonder Woman 3 in the first batch of movies and shows in this new DC Universe. But perhaps when Gunn and Safran met with Gadot they did discuss the possibility of a Wonder Woman 3 down the line. Now that possibility might be remote or it could be more likely — or no one might know at this exact moment because all these other DC projects have to come out first. We won’t really know for a few years until the next inevitable Wonder Woman gets announced, and we see who is cast in the leading role.

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