A woman on TikTok is going viral for singing Dua Lipa's hit song "Houdini" at Harry Houdini's actual gravesite.

The video on TikTok has garnered over 2 million views and attracted the attention of celebrities, fans and even brands.

"Rip Harry you would’ve loved Dua Lipa," the fan jokes in the video's caption.

Watch below:

"Appropriate response," the Duolingo owl commented.

"Best thing I’ve ever seen," reality star Holly Madison wrote.

"He would've loved this moving performance," another viewer joked.

The video has also gone viral on Twitter/X, where one person tweeted, "Cannot stop thinking about the girl singing ‘Houdini’ at Houdini’s grave site."

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One person quote-tweeted the gravesite video with a video of Dua performing the song, quipping that the iconic escape artist was performing the choreography in his grave while the girl serenaded him.

"Houdini" was released in November 2023 ahead of Dua's upcoming third studio album.

"I think the whole idea of it is Houdini-ing in the sense of like, ‘Okay, there are too many red flags here and I gotta dip.’ And I have to see those red flags for what they are and not be like, ‘Oh, actually, I’m sure it can change,’ or whatever,'" Dua said of the song, per SiriusXM.

"‘Houdini’ we wrote last November [2022], so it’s been almost a year. I’ve been writing since 2021, and then I intermittently, in between every leg of the tour, I kind of stopped and went back into the studio, so it was just like very back-to-back. But it was only like last year where I felt like I was really getting to the place I really, really wanted to — probably around June-time last year where I was like, ‘Okay, I feel like I’m onto something. It’s all starting to shape up, and it’s getting to a place where I want it to be,'" she continued of her third album, which is said to lean into a '70s psychedelic vibe rather than her previous disco-inspired projects.

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