A woman on Reddit was left feeling "embarrassed" after her boyfriend ditched her at a friend's wedding two hours away due to his jealousy.

"So my partner and I went to a wedding which was a two-hour trip, one way, via public transport. Getting an Uber was going to be $160 which we do not have the funds for, so we decided to split with another couple for the way home," she wrote.

The man was a bit hesitant to go as he had to work the next day, so they planned to leave right after the reception.

"For the most part we had fun and enjoyed ourselves at the wedding. He drank quite a bit and we were both drunk-ish by the end of the meal. I would say he was more drunk than I was. Once the cake was being brought out my partner started getting angry and frustrated and was demanding that I give him the house keys (we only brought one set with us) as he was going to leave without me," she continued.

When the bride began making her rounds, the woman's boyfriend started "yelling over the conversation demanding I give him the keys. The bride was like, 'What the f--k, are you drunk?' to my partner, but he was just in his own world and ignored her and kept demanding the keys. To make this situation end and stop the embarrassment I gave him the keys and he stormed off. I just carried on the conversation with the bride and others around me," she recalled.

After a while, the couple they had made plans to leave with booked an Uber to their house, and she had to catch public transportation located an hour away just to get home.

"When I got home my partner said he left and was angry because I kept staring at the other couple's partner. I was shocked. I didn’t find this person attractive in the slightest, I’m not one to be flirty, I didn’t pay extra attention to this person, he was just sitting opposite me at the table," she explained.

The woman added that since the wedding, they have slept in separate beds and he is planning to stay "at his office for a couple of days."

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Users gave the woman some tough love in the comments section, with many urging her to consider leaving her partner.

"I think it is time to get real. He can't handle his alcohol but he made his choice on the night and you took the punch for it. I would indeed apologize to the friends and bride but honestly if nothing is going to change [and nothing has so far] the question will become whether you can really stay with him," one person wrote.

"Sounds like your partner drank too much and made an ass of himself. Maybe he needs to address his relationship with alcohol?" another person asked.

"You weren't staring; he's making excuses for his heinous drunken behavior and trying to get you to roll over. Don't worry about that in the least. The fact that you are susceptible to his fabrications is a clear indicator that you need to get out of this relationship," someone else commented.

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