A woman on Reddit has decided to travel after her best friend called off her elopement.

She began the post by saying that she the Maid of Honor at the wedding and that the ceremony was to take place in a national park in June.

"So I’ll try to make this short and sweet. My best friend was engaged and planned to have an intimate wedding/elopement with a few close friends and family across the country at a national park in June. Everything was in the works! I was the MOH, so I got a dress, booked my husband and I’s flights, and Airbnb," she said.

However, the woman shared that the trip was going to be special for her too as the wedding was going to line up with her birthday.

"We were planning to go for longer than everyone else because this wedding coincided with my 30th birthday… so I figured why not just tag onto this and this will be my birthday trip as well! Celebrate my 30th, then the end of the trip be about the bride and groom," she continued.

Despite the plans to marry, the woman's best friend called off the wedding.

"Fast forward to now and my best friend called off the wedding and left her fiancé. She initially was considering still flying across the country to enjoy the national park and spend time with friends, but soon realized that wasn’t a good decision given the financial position she’s now in having left her fiance and having to get her own place, etc," the woman revealed.

"So my question is… AMITAH if my husband and I still go out to the national park ourselves despite this wedding being called off?" she asked.

The woman admits that she feels guilty, but that they already have money tied up in this and don't want to miss out.

"I feel guilty… but at the same time we already had everything booked and ready to go and could lose money if we cancel. Plus I’m trying to look at this simply as my birthday trip with my husband now… but can’t help but feel weird about it all? It’s just a tough situation all around. I want to be mindful of my best friend’s feelings during this time, but she says this is all on her and we shouldn’t change our plans because of her choice to back out of it all…" she concluded.

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People in the comments section of the post agreed that the woman was not wrong for wanting to still go on her trip.

"NTA. You already got support from your friend too. Enjoy your time," one person said.

"Her ending her engagement shouldn’t change your plans for your birthday and make you lose out on money unnecessarily. Go & enjoy yourself!!" read another comment.

"Go and enjoy yourself. Might not want to broadcast it (like gloat), but things are already paid for, go and enjoy yourselves!" someone else shared.

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