In all honesty this made this family's holiday season because they loved every minute of the photobomb while they were recording a TikTok video at Rockefeller Center in New York, basically doing a Rockettes-style kick line.

What a fun surprise for Kelly, too, spending her first holiday as a resident of New York and just wait until you see the video. It's hilarious and you know the family loves this even more than just posting themselves doing the kick line. I mean who cares about that after a Kelly Clarkson moment, right and they didn't even do it again.

In this hilarious video shared to TikTok by Marc Jordan Cohen the family had their phone set up on the sidewalk in front of Radio City Music Hall ready to send a happy holidays video. Standing in a line, arms around each other, they did several kicks, however seconds later, they were interrupted by a photobomber or stopped suddenly, looking around, confused for a minute and yes, it was country and pop singer sensation Kelly Clarkson.

She looks adorable too and you don't really realize it's her until you know it's her. Kelly is all bundled up in a red beanie, sunglasses, and colorful winter coat. Once she realizes this family is recording a video her jaw drops open and she steps out of frame.

Cant believe @kellyclarkson just photobombed our silly family kickline  @Kelly Clarkson Show

To top it off, Kelly even apologized on the TikTok video commenting "I didn’t see what y’all were doing until it was too late ha! My bad" and Marc replied saying he wished they had stopped her and asked her to join them.

I bet Kelly will invite them onto her show and they will all do the kick line together.

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