Everyone remembers their first childhood crush — even celebrities.

From appearing on the covers of teen magazines to starring in iconic film roles, a number of dreamy stars have sparked first-time crushes over the years, even earning the adoration of other celebrities long before the latter were ever famous. (Yes, even our celebrity crushes have their own celebrity crushes!)

Many of these charming heartthrobs have even transcended lovestruck generations, sparking the pangs of puppy love throughout the decades.

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Some celebrities, such as Machine Gun Kelly, manifested the famous faces featured on their teen bedroom wall posters into real relationships, while others, such as Selena Gomez, eventually got to work onscreen with their childhood crushes.

While their lives have certainly changed since becoming celebrities themselves, they still look back fondly on their first-time crushes.

Celebrities Reveal Their First Celebrity Crushes

From former teen heartthrobs to charming comedians, these stars were the first crushes for many famous celebrities.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Reichard

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