Cardi B has made a backyard upgrade, and her kids couldn't be happier.

The "I Like It" singer recently revealed on social media she dropped a cool $20,000 to build a sprawling playground in her backyard.

"When it comes to my kids, I'm going to give them the world, honey," Cardi can be heard saying in the video has she tours the play area.

The structure features four towering slides including two twisting tube slides, swings, climbing bars, a cargo net, a ball pit and a playhouse at its base.

According to Page Six, the playground was designed by King Swings. The Pennsylvania-based business creates huge custom playgrounds.

The model Cardi purchased for her kids, five-year-old Kulture and one-year-old Wave, is the Cosmic Launcher Swing Set.

The playground's price tag is listed as starting at $21,761 on the King Swings website. phot photo

To give you an idea about the size of this swing set, King Swings recommends homeowners open up a section of their back yard that is 37 feet long and 24 feet wide.

"@iamcardib designed a beautiful swing set for her kids and we love the custom colors she chose," the business posted on Instagram.

The children's father, rapper Offset, previously explained during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" that both he and Cardi feel it is important to spend money on things that make their kids happy.

"We do it big for our kids," Offset shared with Fallon during the interview. "We lover our kids."

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