A woman has lost trust in her fiance after finding out that he downloaded Tinder a week before their wedding.

"Tonight, I woke up in our bed in the middle of the night to see his phone was on and in his hand. He was asleep. The screen was on and the phone was sort of falling out of his hand. I went to take it out of his hand and put it on the charger when I saw the screen had Tinder open," the bride-to-be wrote on Reddit.

She noticed there were "probably five different conversations there, all of which had messages from this month."

"I immediately shook him awake and demanded an explanation. He at first acted like he had no idea what I was talking about and quickly deleted the app on his phone, but I kept demanding he explain himself because I'm not about to be gaslit and manipulated into being told I didn't see anything," she continued.

Her fiancé told her he was "feeling lonely," and that he only used the dating app to have conversations with other women.

"He said I'm on my phone too much, even tried to say something to the effect of not knowing why my phone sometimes goes off in the middle of the night (usually Reddit or YouTube notifications) and that sometimes I brush off something he says. I asked him why he wouldn't say something about it and neither of those are good reasons to download Tinder," she recalled.

Giving him some "credit," she added that "the conversations didn't look like they were all that long, no hookups, no sexting, definitely flirting." Still, she was hurt.

"I don't know how to trust him now, especially since he had given me reason to not trust him. My guess is this has become more common as of the last few years, but I've never had to navigate this sort of betrayal," she concluded.

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Users gave the woman some tough love in the comments, with many urging her to not go through with the wedding.

"You have been given a last-minute reprieve from certain misery. Please don’t keep heading to the execution," one person wrote.

"Sometimes I tell my friends, God always gives you an out. But only once. Take it while it's there or spend years wishing you had," another chimed in.

"Cancel that wedding and tell everyone why. No man worth marrying would be on Tinder a week before his wedding," someone else commented.

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