Some fans are convinced that there's a secret Lady Gaga collaboration on Beyoncé's upcoming album Cowboy Carter.

Beyoncé dropped the official tracklist for the album on Wednesday (March 27) and fans immediately zeroed in on a track titled "Spaghetti."

Since Gaga is Italian and the theme of the album is all things country and Western, some fans are theorizing that the song could be a play on the "spaghetti Western," a subgenre of Western films made in Europe.

Another fan went with the "Spaghetti" theory, tweeting that they "cracked the code."

"Omg spaghetti is the gaga collab, ain’t she Italian? I really did crack the code omg," the fan said.

Someone else wanted to believe in the theory but questioned if they are "delusional."

"Spaghetti???!!!! Oh our Italian queen Gaga is on this track!" someone else tweeted.

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Another fan tweeted that the track called "II Most Wanted" could be a Lady Gaga collab given that the two pop stars became fugitives at the end of the "Telephone" music video.

"Let's f--king GO," they tweeted.

The singers first collaborated on the pop track in 2009, for which they filmed an epic nine-and-a-half-minute music video featuring Gaga breaking out of jail with Bey as her getaway driver.

Other fans latched onto the theory about "II Most Wanted" as well.

One person discovered that one of Beyoncé's hair stylists posted a screenshot of Lady Gaga from the "Telephone" music video in an Instagram Story and took it as a sign of an impending collab.

"Beyoncé… if 'ii most wanted' is about you and gaga, this may actually spiritually reupholster me," another fan tweeted.

In the end, fans won't have to wait long to find out if any of their theories about the album are true as it drops on Friday, March 29.

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