One of the great professions in Texas is nursing. From large cities like Dallas/Ft. Worth to smaller cities Amarillo, Tyler, and Lubbock, nurses are important in the medical field.

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Sometimes being a nurse is a thankless job, especially with the long hours, workload, and emotional weight.  Let's face it, we see our nurses way more than our doctors.  They are truly the ones who take care of us.


When starting a nursing career, Texas is one of the best places for nurses to start their careers.  Texas is one of the top states in the US for the starting salary of nurses, and has a very competitive salary for nurses entering the workforce.

Overall the nursing profession in Texas ranked number 11th, a great state for nurses to work.

The Not So Good News

Texas ranks 45th in the number of healthcare facilities available per capita. Similarly, it ranks 45th in nursing job openings per capita. Furthermore, Texas is projected to have one of the highest percentages of adults over 65 by 2030, ranking 48th in this category. This implies that our nursing community will be responsible for taking care of more elderly individuals than the younger generation.

Nurse taking care of senior woman in retirement home bandaging a wound

Texas is ranked 11th in the United States in terms of competitive salaries for nurses who are not just starting. Similarly, it is ranked at #11 for the average hours worked.

For those in the nursing community, they have their own opinions about the nursing field in Texas.  That includes the places you want to work and the places you want to avoid.

The best states for nurses are Washington, New Hampshire, and Maine.

However, overall Texas seems to be a great place for nurses.

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