There will never be enough celebrations for the iconic Route 66.  Amarillo, Texas is lucky to be a part of this historic piece of US history.   Getting your kicks on Route 66 is a worldwide phenomenon and we're excited to celebrate once again.

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Last year's festival was so much fun that it's back again for 2024.

The Texas Route 66 Festival is June 6 - 15 (with the Official Kick-off Party on May 31)

Route 66 Festival
Route 66 Festival

The Texas Route 66 Festival is a part of the celebrations leading up to the Centennial Celebration (100 years) of Route 66 in 2026.  We don't want just 1 year of celebration we want 3!   The festival began in 2023 with 10 full days of celebration. There's always a reason to celebrate Route 66.

Festivities for this year include:

Friday, May 31st

Official Pre-party Tracy Byrd - Starlight Ranch Event Center

Thursday, June 6th
Coors Ranch Rodeo Kick-Off (rodeo is June 6-8)
First Thursday Art Walk - Amarillo Route 66 Historic District - 4-7 pm
Music in the Gardens - Amarillo Botanical Gardens - 6-9 PM

Night Under the Moon - U-Drop Inn Cafe - Shamrock 6:30 pm

Friday, June 7th

Disco in the Desert - Cactus Cove Inn - 11 am - 1 am
Celebrity Fast Draw Shoot Out - Rex Baxter Building - 3 pm
Coors Ranch Rodeo - Amarillo National Center - 7 pm
Star Watch Party- Jerico - 5 pm - 12 am
Embassy Suites Route 66 Tailgate Party - Embassy Suites Downtown - 5 pm - 7pm

Saturday, June 8th

Michael J Rivera/TSM
Michael J Rivera/TSM

Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive - Downtown Amarillo - 10 am
Dream Make Station Route 66 Motor Tour Car Show - Dream Maker Station Adrian Texas - 12 pm - 4pm
Coors Ranch Rodeo - Amarillo National Center - 7 pm
Hodgetown Route 66 Night and Drone Show - Hodgetown - 7 pm
Coors Ranch Rodeo Dance - Amarillo National Center - 10 pm

Sunday, June 9th
Low Rider Cruise and Cook Out 6-7:30p

Monday, June 10th
Film Society Screening - Golden Light Cantina - 7 pm

Tuesday, June 11th
June Jazz - Amarillo College Clock Tower - 7-9 pm

Wednesday, June 12th
Tx 66 East Bus Tours 8:30-5 pm
High Noon on the Square- 501 S. Fillmore - 12-1
Cactus Rose Taphouse Soiree, McClean, 5-8 pm

Thursday, June 13th
Tx 66 West Bus Tours 8:30-5 pm
Tx Route 66 Visitor Center Celebration 6-8p
Route 66 Speed Dating - Amarillo College Concert Hall Theater - 3 pm - Opera performance

Friday, June 14th
May's Days on the Square - The Shops at Wolflin Square - 10 am - 5pm
Braxton Keith Slug Bug Ranch Christening - Starlight Ranch Event Center - 6 pm
Route 66 Speed Dating - Amarillo College Concert Hall Theater - 3 pm - Opera performance

Saturday, June 15

Fitness@KTBlack Route 66 5k Run/Walk - 10 am
Texas Route 66 Festival Finale - Historic Route 66 District - 11 am - 7 pm

For the full list and more information on all the events click here.

If you missed out on the festivities last year, then this year's celebration is going to be amazing. Everyone enjoys a good nostalgic celebration, especially when it's about Route 66. Amarillo has a rich history when it comes to our portion of this famous stretch of road, and it's definitely worth checking out.

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