I don't know if you knew this, but National Ghost Hunting Day is the last Saturday in September.  Saying all that and to honor this very strange and weird holiday,  AirportParkingReservations.com took a deep dive into all things related to haunted houses to uncover the states most obsessed with ghosts. They revealed the number of searches for haunted houses, haunted houses near me, ghost stories, the number of haunted house reports, and the number of 'Ghost Stories' and 'Ghost Adventures' episodes filmed in each state.

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So where did Texas place on this list?  In the top ten, of course, at number nine! Here's some stats to back up the Lone Start State's spooky interest...

Haunted Houses Searches per 10,000:                       717.9
Ghost hunters or adventures filmed in each state:   8
Haunted Locations reported by GhostQuest:            922
Ghost Searches Per 10,000:                                        1176.1
Haunted Obsessed (out of 40):                                    17.5


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What state was number one after all of this creepy research? 

Well, California takes the number one spot. The data revealed that there are 431 searches for ‘haunted house’ per 10,000 residents, with 45 total episodes from Ghost Hunters & Ghost Adventures being filmed in the state. Ghost Quest, a ghost reporting site, found 1351 total haunted locations have been reported.

In Second, New York because they had the second-highest number of episodes filmed within the state, and with a total of 1250.3 searches for ghosts for every 10,000 residents.

Nevada came in third. Pennsylvania and Ohio finish out the top five among the most haunted house-obsessed states.


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Here's the top ten...

1. California


2. New York


3. Nevada


4. Pennsylvania


5. Ohio


6. Rhode Island


7. Massachusetts


8. Illinois


9. Texas


10. Colorado


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