It's 2024 for those of you that don't keep up with the time and that means it's the start of a new year with new trends. One of the hottest trends hitting 2024 seems to be so outrageous that it actually works, as long as you're careful.

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So with the rise and fall of trends things come and go like for example Tamagotchi, Pringle's lunch box container, and green ketchup. One thing trending this January 2024 are glass purses, not to be confused with clear bags. These purses are made of glass and seem to be something your grandmother would use as decoration but if you are on social media apps, like TikTok, you know these hold more than just your makeup.

Not Your Granny's Bag

These glass purses are actually being used to make mix drinks, alcohol, so you are then able to transport them to house parties. It's a very genius idea because the glass purse isn't actually meant to hold drinks but instead is a flower vase that you would probably see at an older person's home.


The idea to repurpose a vase into a travel bowl for drinks is pure genius, in my opinion, but this comes after the sheer shock of thinking it was not a not so bright idea. You would have to be very careful with this bag as the night progresses because it could break if you were to trip and fall. With this first trend of 2024 could we see more items used for grandma decor as something now used to enhance the party experience? Let us know if you would use a glass purse to hold your party drink and you can find those glass bags on Amazon.

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