If you grew up in the 80's, 90's and 2000's then you probably know the classic television show Sesame Street. This beloved show has had many celebrities on through the years talking with younger audiences and has taught many kids their numbers and letters but one iconic character has left many in their feelings.

Can You Tell Me How to Get...

The iconic furry red monster Elmo has recently made waves across social media sparking many people from Gen X to Gen Z to be in their feelings after a recent post. In the post made to X, formerly Twitter, Elmo states

Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing?

The post from X was then posted onto TikTok where many began flooding the comments section with how they truly felt.

...To Sesame Street

Many of the comments online that people shared were that they were tired, going through a hard time, or just stating they were struggling. These posts have triggered many people with a sense of belonging and feeling safe while some people feel that others should not be sharing too many feelings online. One of the reasons that some people are thought to be overly sharing their feelings could be due to nostalgia and that sense of feeling safe with a familiar face. In this case Elmo.

Checking In

Should people be following Elmo's example and check in on people in their lives with as much honesty as they have been on the Sesame Street Twitter and TikTok pages or should they just say good/ok like we all do? Are you checking in on people in your life? We want to know how you are doing, really.

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