The Blockbuster Fight Of The Summer Is Going Down In The Lone Star State At Jerry's World In Arlington.

In a seismic collision of generations and styles, boxing legend Mike Tyson plans to square off against YouTube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul in a highly anticipated exhibition match to be held in Texas.

The Fight Will Be Streamed Live On Netflix.

On one side of the ring stands Mike Tyson, a living legend in the realm of boxing. With a storied career that spans decades, Tyson's ferocious power and lightning-fast knockouts have etched his name into the annals of sports history.

Now, at the age of 57, Tyson makes a return to the ring, eager to showcase his enduring prowess and entertain fans once more.

Opposing him is Jake Paul, a polarizing figure who has carved out a niche in the world of entertainment through his YouTube channel and ventures into professional boxing.

Despite his relative inexperience compared to Tyson, Paul has garnered a substantial following and proved his mettle in the ring against fellow social media personalities and even professional fighters.

The clash between these two icons symbolizes more than just a sporting event; it embodies the intersection of traditional boxing and the digital age, where fame and skill converge on a global stage.

The July 20 boxing match is now classified as a sanctioned, professional fight by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

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This means that rules of the fight will be set by the state commission. That also means it will officially count against their career boxing records.

Tickets are not officially on sale yet but you can sign up for presale tickets on the AT&T Stadium website.

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