After nearly a year, one of the Texas's most popular destinations could be coming back from its near death.

A few years ago, my family and I made the trip to Hays County Texas where the famous swimming hole known as "Jacob's Well" is located.

This weird and unlikely natural site has been visited by THOUSANDS annually and it's usually a wait to get in and see it. However, for the last few months, folks have not been able to take a dip in the well due to dry conditions.

Back In 2023, Hays County Officials announced that Jacob’s Well would be closed for swimmers for the "foreseeable future" due to unsafe conditions.


The photo above is my kid jumping into the well when we visited.

According to KUT Austin, the popular spring-fed watering hole in Wimberley reached zero flow last summer for the sixth time in its recorded history.

After 222 days of nearly zero flow, Jacob’s Well is now rushing with water after rains in January filled it back up.

But Officials Warn That The Current Conditions Could Change And Could Only Be Temporary.

The lack of rain was one problem but the main problem as to why the well is struggling to comeback is business related.

Water pumping from the local aquifer is an ongoing problem affecting Jacob's Well that was made only worse when the utility company Aqua Texas pumped nearly twice the amount of water it was allowed in 2022.

A year-long battle led to a lawsuit against the district, with Aqua Texas disputing fines levied against it.

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Hays County Parks Department is still unsure if the park will be open for swimming in the summer, but staff are keeping a close eye on things.

Although swimming in the well is still not allowed, officials are still offering tours of the site in which guides discuss the history, geology and ecology of the area. Tours are offered every Saturday morning and are free to the public.

Let's HOPE we get some more rain soon so we can go back outside and DIVE in!

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