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It's a decision we take very seriously, where are we going to eat? It's also a decision that we make sometimes two or three times a day or even four or more times a day depending upon how hungry we are. When it comes to making that decision we can be overwhelmed due to the number of variables that we have to take into consideration.

How much are we going to spend? What kind of food are we in the mood for? Are we going to let reviews and star ratings influence our choice? Are we going to try something new or go with what we're familiar with? My wife and I answer those questions and more every time we go out to eat!

Now Texas definitely doesn't have a shortage of restaurants nor a shortage of cuisine to choose from. Burgers, Mexican food, seafood, Italian, steaks, pizza, sandwiches, barbecue, Asian, fried chicken, Greek, German, and more are being served up at some pretty well-known places around the Lone Star State. Many places have a phenomenal reputation and they've made a name for themselves and some claim to be the best in Texas.

Where Is The Best Restaurant In Texas?

If you're looking for the best restaurant in Texas you'll need to take a trip to the state capital. Tripsavvy has revealed its list of the best restaurants from each state. In Texas, the best place to pull up a chair and have a bite is in Austin. Tripsavvy has named Veracruz as being the very best restaurant in Texas.

When it came to decision time, it was a tough one because Houston and San Antonio restaurants made the decision-making a hard job.

In the end, we couldn’t resist the siren call of the migas breakfast taco at Austin's Veracruz. Packed with fluffy scrambled eggs, it's mixed with house-made tortilla chips and pico de gallo, then topped with cheese and avocado. Be sure to drizzle on some of the homemade salsa roja. (Tripsavvy)

Tripsavvy admits it was a hard decision when it came to naming just one restaurant as the best in Texas, but "after conferring with a cadre of food and travel writers and people who work in the food industry", they did their best to name the best.

While I've never dined at Veracruz, you might have. I'd like to know if they do live up to being named the best restaurant in Texas. Drop me a message and give me your honest review.

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