If you despise long commute times, don’t move to this Texas city.

I’ve lived in both small towns and big cities and for my money, there’s a lot to love about both. But one thing I do not love about the big city is the long commute times. 

In fact, I got so fed up with the fact that it takes forever to get anywhere in Arlington, Texas, that I decided to move back to the small town I grew up in over 20 years ago. No, that wasn’t the only factor in my decision to leave the Metroplex, but it was a major factor.

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These days I call Wichita Falls home. The city with a population of just over 100,000 is the perfect size for me. Kind of like a big city, there are more options as far as eating places and entertainment, but it still has a bit of a small town feel. 

And did I mention that it takes me about five minutes to get to work? Commute times are not an issue here. You can get from one end of Wichita Falls to the other in about fifteen minutes. 

But as I alluded to earlier, there’s plenty to love about big city living. So, if you just have to live in the big city but hate long commutes (because who doesn’t?), you probably want to avoid Houston at all costs. 

A study by Coast found the Bayou City has the 7th longest car commute times in the country. The average commute time is 29.8 minutes one way. A round-trip takes an average of 59.6 minutes. 

Sorry Houston, but that’s a deal breaker for this ol’ boy.

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