There are usually a couple of motorized rental scooters sitting in front of my apartment every morning when I leave for work. They're pretty much all over town and are very popular among students in Lubbock. Rental scooters offer a quick way to get home after a long day without having to walk, spend a ton of money on an Uber, or get stuck on a bus for hours.

I've never really used them before. I hopped on one that my friend rode over to my place once, just to see what it was like, and immediately realized that they were NOT for me. I'm too clumsy. But, I can see why so many people use them.

Have you ever thought about how dangerous they could be?

An ICU nurse and TikTok user posted a video about her various encounters with hospital patients that had fallen while riding motorized scooters. It seems like they are way more dangerous than we might realize.

Check out her video below and pass it along to the friends and family in your life that use them to get around. I'm not saying to stop using them altogether or anything, but it might be worth a second thought before your hop on one to head home after a night at the bar.

Have you ever busted your butt on one of those in Lubbock? I'd like to hear your story. Feel free to email me at

Be careful out there, my friends.

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