Most people use their back windshields to display silly bumper stickers or to promote their small business. One car spotted recently in Lubbock has a completely different kind of message on display. It's a desperate plea for help.

A photo was shared to the Facebook page Lubbock County Mugshots last Sunday of a Black GMC with the words "PLEASE HELP. I NEED A KIDNEY DONOR. BLOOD TYPE O+ OR O-. CALL OR TEXT 806-777-7299. MY LIFE DEPENDS ON YOU."

Take a look at the photo below:

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could help this person find a kidney donor?

Dozens of people shared positive vibes in the comment section, and a few shared stories of what they've gone through, or are currently experiencing. Here are a few:

"I received mine 3 years ago! Someone shared my post on Facebook and a total stranger got tested in Colorado and flew back and forth to San Antonio to give me a kidney! I lived in Lubbock. Never had met this man. Now he is family to me! Advertising is the BEST way! This is so smart! I wish you the BEST OF LUCK, O+ is my type. I'm sure you'll get one soon!!!"

"I hope she's able to find a kidney! I've been living with one the past 5 year after losing the other one to renal cell carcinoma (cancer) I'm glad to see this post being shared! I hope and pray a donor comes through for her!!"

Do you think you might be able to help? Please don't hesitate to call the phone number listed above. We get by with a little help from our friends.I hope this message makes it to the right person and saves a life.

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