The latest update on the Help Find Brandon Lawson Facebook page feels like the epilogue of a long, tragic, and incredibly bleak story.

After multiple failed attempts to extract conclusive DNA from human remains found in the cacti and brush of the desolate Texas countryside, the family is waiting and hoping, yet again, that a new analysis will prove conclusive.

A search party combed in the area where Brandon Lawson's clothes were located in hopes that anything new like his keys, or more remains, would be found, but this most recent effort was fruitless.

missing poster/ canva
missing poster/ canva

What Really Happened To Brandon Lawson?

Brandon Lawson went missing on August 9th, 2011, after running out of gas near Bronte, Texas. Brandon made a series of puzzling and alarming phone calls to his brother Kyle, and emergency services. This is the 911 call, which has led to much speculation online:

In the call, Brandon states he is in the middle of a field outside Abilene, Texas, and that he ran into somebody. When asked if he needed emergency services, he declines, asking instead for police to come, presumably to help with whomever he ran into, as if he were being chased.

Brandon had suffered from an addiction to methamphetamines and had been sober for six months. However, Brandon's brother Kyle stated that Brandon had used meth before he went missing. This type of irrational paranoia about being chased- and abandoning his vehicle to run into a field, could be explained by drug use.

His vehicle was located right away, as it was parked in a hazardous way on the road. Kyle, after being unable to reach his brother either because the reception was bad or the phone battery died, left a gas can in the truck bed for Brandon to use when he returned to his vehicle. Brandon, of course, never did.

Who Failed Brandon?

Was Brandon injured, really being chased by someone, or just the grips of a meth psychosis? We may never know, because Brandon wasn't found for years, even if the remains are Brandon.

There was a great deal of miscommunication from the offset between law enforcement, Brandon, and Brandon's family. From the Missing Brandon Lawson page:

At 1:18 Audrey texted Brandon saying "A cop is at your truck" it is assumed she did such as she wanted to warn him due to his warrant. At this time they were not aware that he himself phoned 911 asking for a cop and to please hurry. In statements given to police, as explained by the family, they did admit Brandon's earlier call to them in which he told his brother, and Audrey, that "he was ten minutes up the road, and was bleeding." This was also not reported to Deputy Neal at the scene. It is also understood that Deputy Neal did not report to Kyle that Brandon phoned 911. (It's still unclear if Deputy Neal even know if Brandon called 911).

Professional attempts were made to find Brandon right after his disappearance, but he was not found in the area near his truck, or where his cellphone pinged in 2013. It would not be until a search in 2022 that his clothes would be found, along with the human remains.

What Happened To Brandon?

Of course, we do not know and perhaps never will, but we can make educated guesses. The area where Brandon went missing is extremely rural, full of wild hogs and rattlesnakes. August in Texas is extremely, oppressively hot.

It is very possible that Brandon died due to wildlife or a heat stroke. It seems that all we can hope for is that it was quick and relatively painless and that the family will eventually get conclusive answers.

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