I was extremely hyped up about the first Texas Banana Pudding Fest, which happened last year in Slaton, Texas. The event was organized by the historic Slaton Bakery.

It had all the elements I needed to get excited- a cute banana mascot, a quaint yet close-to-Lubbock town square, and four varieties of nature's most perfect dessert: banana pudding.

I wasn't alone in my enthusiasm, the Banana Pudding Fest sold out last year, with some people who made the drive turning back to Lubbock (entirely their fault, Lubbock has to learn to buy tickets in advance).

Salton Bakery on Facebook
Salton Bakery on Facebook

Once I got there, it was even better than I anticipated. The pudding flavors were delicious, there were classic cars, live music, and fun vendors. Oh, and beer and wine were available for purchase. That added to my fun, too.

Oh, and I should mention the fun photo op too, which I have strongly considered adding to my professional email signature:

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

First-year events tend to have issues- low attendance, disorganization, and other flubs are to be expected and planned for. However, Slaton Bakery truly got it right the first time with Banana Pudding Fest- if there were any hiccups, I certainly didn't notice. I'm excited to see how this event evolves over time.

So I will absolutely be in attendance for the 2nd annual Banana Pudding Fest, coming up on Saturday, August 31st. Here are a few more details from the Facebook event page:

The 4 flavors available through your "Puddin' Pass" will be:
1. "Church Lady Banana Pudding"
2. "Fireball Boozy Banana Pudding"
3. "The King" An Elvis inspired Banana Pudding with peanut butter
4. "Cherry Delight"
"Puddin Passes" are $25 each, but can be shared. They entitle you to ONE sizeable sample of each Flavor (approximately 5 oz. of each flavor).
Honestly, 20 ounces of pudding is a lot, so sharing one pass might be ideal, but the puddings are packaged in a way that makes them easy to take home. And if you want 20 ounces of pudding in one sitting, I'll cheer you on.
Tickets are available here. I am telling you with the utmost seriousness to buy them IN ADVANCE, or risk disappointment.

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