Finally, Whataburger is getting into the iced coffee game! The first reports we're hearing of it come from San Antonio, Texas.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've popped by the Whataburger closest to my house south of Tyler, Texas for a potato, egg, and cheese taquito and wished they had some kind of iced coffee option. Granted, they serve hot coffee but for those of us who are (ashamed to say) spoiled by the wide range of coffee options in East Texas, that doesn't always appeal.

I have actually wondered why exactly Whataburger hadn't started selling another coffee option. So, hearing this made me smile.

What do we know so far about Whataburger's slow, but hopefully steady entry, into the iced coffee 'realm' in Texas?

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According to a post shared by, the hubbub began with a post on Reddit touting new iced coffee was coming to Whataburger. However, that post is 11 months old. Hmm. However, several months later another post popped up suggesting the same thing.

However, that same post from revealed that the wait has come to an end! They shared:

"And now, the wait is over. Fans of Whataburger breakfast burgers can now pair their Frankenburger with their favorite iced beverage on the way to work, or pull up to the drive-thru for their mid-afternoon java jolt."

Interestingly, they've not posted about it (as of this article) on their social media pages or on their main website. Perhaps the plan is just to ease into it and monitor how it's going before doing an official rollout.

What we DO is there will be flavor options at select locations including caramel, mocha, and vanilla.

I'm so excited. Have you seen these pop up yet at any of our East Texas Whataburger locations?

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