Have I ever told you how much I love floating down lazy rivers at our Texas waterparks?

If I could, I would take an immediate road trip to visit ALL of the waterpark lazy rivers in the Lone Star State. First stop? Splash Kingdom Waterpark in Canton, Texas.

Is it because I'm lazy? Well, sometimes. But the truth is, you and both know how hot and humid it is during Texas summers and honestly floating down a lazy river without a care in the world sounds just about perfect. Does anyone else want to take a waterpark lazy river tour with me?

That being said, I am a huge fan of being outdoors. A little bit less so when it feels as if a squadron of fire demons has invaded us--thus the longing for cool water. So give me a lazy river set in nature and that's just about perfect. There's just something about seeing the breeze in the trees and staring at the sky listening to the water rush by and birds chirping.

And now a sad confession:

Despite being a native Texan, I haven't yet had the chance to go tubing down one of our Texas rivers.

I would very much like to change that this year. When it comes to great rivers to tube down and about in Texas, thankfully we have more than a few options. Granted, some of these rivers may be more IDEAL than others when it comes to tubing. But people have been known to do so on all of these.

And hey, for those more interested in swimming, splashing around, or just sitting on the bank and listening to the water flow by, you'll find the perfect road trip destination.

We found 9 of the best NATURAL lazy rivers for tubing, swimming, or just cooling the hell off in Texas:

The 9 Best NATURAL Lazy Rivers in Texas in Which to Cool the Hell Off

If you're interested in tubing, swimming, or just sitting on the bank and listening to the water flow by, you'll find a great Texas river destination here.

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