Have you heard the rumor about two of Hollywood's most popular Texas-born movie stars?

Straight talk: When I first heard this rumor, I was like 'NO WAY.' After all, how could two of Hollywood's most successful actors be related while keeping it under wraps for this long?

But then, I began looking at photos of both of them. Also, I found it interesting that there are many photos of these two Texas movie stars together. It was then I began to notice a possible resemblance.

And just a bit of a sidebar: I recall back when I was watching the first season of True Detective. Did you see it? It's quite well done. These two were the main stars of that season and I remember sensing a type of familiarity between them in the show.

Are Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson biological brothers?

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Well, quite possibly. At least--HALF brothers.

CNN posted a story about this which shared that 'Woody Harrelson has confirmed Matthew McConaughey’s claim that they might be brothers, saying “there is some veracity to that thought,” during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”'

Harrelson said that while they both were interested in taking a DNA test, the process was a bit more harrowing for McConaughey because he felt he'd be 'losing a father.' Harrelson said he'd be gaining a father--AND a brother.

According to that story by CNN, 'Like McConaughey, Harrelson recalled a conversation with “Ma Mac, Matthew’s legitimate mother,” when she told them that she “knew…” Harrelson’s father.'

The ellipses in her response gave some...pause.

McConaughey told Kelly Ripa during a podcast interview that Woody's dad was on leave during the same period that Matthew's parents were struggling through divorce #2. He also said it's possible they could have 'met' out in West Texas during that time.

So now that you know this...look at the photo again. What do you think? Could they be half-brothers?

Canva, Wikimedia Commons
Canva, Wikimedia Commons

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