Whether you did anything wrong or not, most of us have had that feeling of a police officer following you for what feels like forever. It’s very possible that the officer needs to go to a location that isn’t far from your destination but when that police car is behind you it makes you feel like they are following your vehicle specifically. But in the state of Texas are there any regulations regarding how long a police officer can follow you? 

There are many reasons why a police officer might be following your vehicle, as long as you’re not breaking the law you really have nothing to worry about. There could be a vehicle that looks like yours that law enforcement might be looking for and after running your plates they could move on. There was one time that I was pulled over because my license plate was so dirty it was difficult to read. The officer was really nice and let me go after just a simple warning. 

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What is the Law About Officers Following Your Vehicle in Texas? 

According to aacriminallaw.com, If an officer witnesses unusual or dangerous driving behavior, or they believe you might have been involved in a crime they can follow you for as long as needed to conduct a traffic stop. It’s not uncommon for an officer to watch your driving behavior for a distance to make sure you’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Nothing to Worry About When You’re Following the Laws 

Police officers don’t wake up wanting to give you a ticket or even pull you over. They are there to serve and protect. They want to keep people safe, so make sure you’re following the laws. If you get pulled over just be respectful and often you can leave the interaction with a positive experience and not receive a citation.  

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