Good or bad, it seems people are always flocking to Texas malls. It's one place where you can find hundreds of stores to shop at in one building.

I would consider shopping an expensive hobby I have to force myself not to partake in too often. The mall where I live -- Broadway Square Mall in Tyler, Texas -- is not very big, in my opinion. But there are times I can find what I want there. If I want to do some serious shopping though, I'm headed to Dallas.

The malls in the city of Dallas are MUCH larger compared to my hometown shopping center. At times they feel overwhelming. And the malls I visit in Dallas aren't even the biggest we have in Texas!

Where is Texas' biggest mall?

I didn't know it, but one Texas mall is actually ranked as one of the top 12 largest in the United States. I have yet to visit it, but knowing this bit of information I may be taking a trip to see what all I can find there.

The mall is located in Houston, and if you haven't guessed it already, it's The Galleria. 

According to Business Insider, it ranks as the 7th largest in the U.S., sitting at around 2.4 million square feet. The Galleria boasts 319 stores for patrons to visit. Honestly, as a first-time visitor, I think it would take me more than a day to finish shopping here!

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If The Galleria in Houston is huge, then the largest mall in America is enormous

The largest mall comes in at a whopping 5.6 million square feet. And if the size and 520 stores and restaurants inside aren't enough, it also houses a Nickelodeon theme park among other attractions!

We're talking about the Mall of America located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Now this would be a mall to visit! Be it for shopping or fun.

If you're curious, here are all of the 12 largest malls in America:

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