We’ve all done it at some point while owning a vehicle, that is hanging things from your rearview mirror. When you graduate high school, you see lots of graduates hang their tassels on that mirror, but is it legal to do so in the state of Texas? The question is a little more complicated than most people think.  


Legally, you are able to hang things from your rearview mirror, there is no Texas law on the books currently that makes it illegal to hang anything you want from your rearview mirror. Although there is one law that you need to know about which makes this more of a grey area. 

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Texas Law You Need to Know 

According to Texas Transportation Code 547.613

local police can legally pull you over if the items on your windshield, including stickers, are obstructing your view of the road and pose a threat to other drivers.

So, technically you are able to hang items from your rearview mirror, but law enforcement can still pull you over if they feel like the items that are in your vehicle can obstruct your line of site while operating a vehicle on public roads.  

Remove Items Before You Drive 

This should be pretty simple for most people to follow the rules on this one, just make sure that anything that could be blocking your visibility is removed prior to moving your vehicle. If you don’t remove these items, understand that you’re inviting officers to pull you over and help you remove those items from your line of site. 

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