There's a restaurant in Texas that goes all out when decorating for Christmas and it's awesome. I'm not talking about decorations randomly placed in different places. I'm talking about an explosion of Christmas spirit that would make the Grinch himself feel good about the holiday.

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Campo Verde Restaurant is an eatery in Dallas that specializes in Mexican food. But every year for Christmas, the restaurant transforms into something that could only be described as a Christmas explosion.

How many decorations are used?

For starters, Campo Verde uses over 200,000 Christmas lights. Within those lights are 50 Santa Clauses, 30 Christmas trees, over 3,000 yards of garland and there are two model trains running through all of that. (Can you imagine how much that trip to Lowes or Home Depot costs?)

Again, these are not just randomly placed in certain spots. In fact, there is not an inch of this restaurant that is not decorated with Christmas cheer. To say they "deck the halls" is a huge understatement.

Pictures probably don't do this "Christmas Restaurant" any justice, but looking at them will definitely get you in the holiday spirit.

LOOK: Spectacular Christmas Restaurant in Texas

Gallery Credit: Chaz

Pretty incredible, right? I mean combining two of America's favorite things, Mexican food and Christmas together is genius.

So, if you're in the Dallas area this Christmas, check out the Christmas explosion going down at Campo Verde Restaurant.

I want tacos now.

[Source: Only In Your State]

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