Ivanka Trump was reportedly surprised by Karlie Kloss' tweet claiming that she discussed the importance of accepting Trump's election loss with the Trump family.

On Friday (January 8), a source close to the Trump family claimed to Page Six that Ivanka was shocked by Karlie's tweet, which claimed that she tried discussing current political affairs with the Trump family. Her original tweet was in reference to Karlie's in-laws, Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Jared is the brother of Karlie's husband, Joshua Kushner.

The source claimed that the former Victoria's Secret supermodel did not speak with Ivanka and her tweet was "simply not true." They added, “Karlie is public with her politics, but privately shies away from discussing them."

“The tweet was brought to Ivanka’s attention and she was mostly surprised because they’re so close and talk on a regular basis, but never really about politics," the insider added.

The source alleged that although Karlie has been publicly politically active, she has never approached the Trump family about the causes that are close to her heart. “But they are very close and they really enjoy each other’s company, so Ivanka is hurt," they concluded.

Meanwhile, a source close to Karlie claimed that Ivanka knows Karlie's views "perfectly" and reported that "they’ve had many political discussions contrary to what she [Ivanka] and her team would have you believe."

“She hasn’t had a close relationship with them [Jared and Ivanka] for quite some time due to the policies of the Trump administration," Karlie's source added. "I think Karlie feels it’s pretty unfortunate that this is what Ivanka is choosing to spend her time on while our democracy is facing a crisis fueled by this administration.”

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