Perhaps you heard: IT is a colossal hit. (I dunno how you could have missed this. Demon clowns who live in the sewers ain’t exactly hard to miss.) In less than a week of release, it’s (heh) already grossed $150 million in the U.S. alone, and it (heh heh) is expected to dominate the weekend box office again, laying waste to new films like mother! and American Assassin.

IT was already rated R for “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.” (And for language! Someone get me a fainting couch!) But there’s more stuff to see, apparently. Speaking with Yahoo!IT director Andres Muschietti revealed that when the film comes to Blu-ray, it will get a new director’s cut.

Here are the details:

Andy Muschietti said there would ‘probably [be] an extra 15 minutes for hardcore fans’ in total, including a ‘very funny’ extended version of the quarry scene, where the group of young protagonists who call themselves the Losers Club try to gin up the courage to jump off a cliff into the water below.

That’s right; check out the hot quarry action that the MPAA didn’t want you to see! It will rock you to your very soul! (I’m so sorry. Really. I have a condition.)

Of course, IT is only half the story; a sequel that chronicles the Losers Club as adults is in the works for the future. Given the massive success of the first film, and the revelation that Warners is already working on longer cuts of the movie for home video, you have to wonder if someday they might merge the two films together into one gigantic four-hour experience on Digital HD or Blu-ray. If the next IT is as big of a hit as the first, I think it’s a very strong possibility.

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