The things that wasting time on the internet will have you searching. Smh. I was curious to know what the prettiest city in Texas is because I've been all over my beloved Lone Star State and I've visited some great small towns. 

If you ask me right now off the top of my head I will tell you I love the look of Weatherford as you're driving to the DFW and I love Kerrville if S.A. is your destination. Both are pretty to me. I don't why? I've just always thought that.

But right now if you Google 'prettiest city in Texas,' here is what immediately pops up.


Ok, I get it. I'm here for it. I happily agree. Such a quaint, cozy, lovely place in the Texas Hill Country to visit. Those are the best 3 words I personally could think of to describe it. I had been a few times as a child but when I paid the city a visit again in my adult years, it hit different.

I was suddenly aware of the wineries. I walked up and down the main street and shopped at the fabulous boutiques and enjoyed brunch and mimosas at a couple of restaurants. The nightlife with the cute, little bars you can enjoy. We even stayed at an adorable little hotel called the Hotel Kitsmiller on Main. I truly recommend it for a weekend getaway with your love.

So yes, along with my personal preferences, I guess I would whole-heartedly agree with Google on this one. Fredericksburg, especially all the wineries I was able to visit while there is really pretty!

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