There are many things that are illegal in Texas and lots of things that aren't.  However, when it comes to real estate you have to legally disclose certain things when selling a home.

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Recently, we shared with you about some haunted happenings in River Road and that got some wheels turning.  If these homes are haunted, how easy would it be to sell the house?  Nobody wants to live in a haunted house!

When it comes to homes and paranormal activity, some homes have it some homes don't.  It depends on the house.

It seems that homes all over the world have been described as haunted.  Most people want to get out of the house as fast as possible once they realize that there is something living in their home that isn't of this realm, living within the walls.

It could be a spirit, a ghost, a demon, something not of this world.  Either way, it wreaks havoc on the lives of those living within the home.

There have been hundreds of movies and documentaries made on haunted houses.   Do people just walk away from their home with nothing when they realize that it is haunted?  Or do they sell it and move on?

There is a term for houses with odd things that have happened in the home.  It is called a stigmatized property.   According to the National Association of Realtors,  a stigmatized property is, "a property that has been psychologically impacted by an event which occurred, or was suspected to have occurred, on the property, the such event being one that has no physical impact of any kind."

Is It Illegal To Sell A Haunted House In Texas?

The simple fact is no, you don't have to disclose this information at least not in Texas.  According to, yes a website dedicated to telling you if someone died in your house says:

In Texas, a seller, and agent has no duty to make a disclosure or release information related to whether a death by natural causes, suicide, or accident unrelated to the condition of the property occurred on the property.

When purchasing a home, the seller has to sign a seller's disclosure agreement, but they do not legally have to tell you if someone was murdered, or died in the house by natural causes or suicide, etc.  They don't have to tell you that creepy paranormal things are happening within the walls.

I would suggest if you are planning to buy a home, do a little bit of research and see if the former owners are just looking to move or if they are having to move because of bumps in the night.

However, if you are unlucky enough to live in New York, and you have a haunted house,  you would have to disclose if your house has been haunted.

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