A TikTok influencer is encouraging her followers to be cautious about sharing personal information while traveling after she was stalked during a trip to Disney World.

TikTok user Adriane — who posts using the handle @drunkdistory — opened up about how sharing details about a trip last year put her in a potentially unsafe situation.

Adriane sharing content on the app in May 2021, just a few months before her trip to Disney World.

"I was so excited to be on here talking about Disney with everyone, and I couldn’t wait to share details of my trip," Adriane said. "A lot of people asked me, ‘Where are you going? Where are you staying?’ Those are my favorite questions in my day-to-day life; I wish people wanted to hear about my Disney trips, but they don’t. So I went on lives. I said where I was staying, when I was staying there."

She added her naivety at the time is "frightening in retrospect."

While Adriane said that her trip was "fine," she ran into an issue on her last day. After spending time in EPCOT, she returned to her hotel to get her bags and head home. On her way out, she ran into a man who told her that he had been waiting for her.

"[He] then proceeded to say that he’d been waiting in the lobby of that hotel for three hours to meet me," she said. "Luckily, I was literally headed to get my Uber. And it was during the pandemic, so it was totally fine to tell someone you wanted to be six feet away from them, which I did. I said, 'I have to go, my Uber is here.'"

Adriane noted the man was likely harmless. However, the situation opened her eyes to the possible dangers of letting people know where you are at any given time. That's even true in Disney World.

"Disney is a safe place, but it’s not creep proof. Especially if you are a solo traveler, it is not safe to do that," she added.

Watch her video below:

In the comments section, viewers shared their own stories and advice.

"Thank you for sharing! I travel to Disney alone sometimes also," one user wrote, asking if Adriane is OK with followers saying hello in the parks. The TikTok creator responded she "loves" interacting with people.

"My dad was a cop and also reminded me that announcing when my house is unattended is also dangerous for those local," someone else shared.

"So scary. But such an important reminder to be mindful of what we post online!" another viewer wrote.

Others added they will now only post vacation content from the safety of their own home after they get back from their trip.

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