The renowned ‘Hiccup Girl’ has a whole new set of problems to deal with these days.

Jennifer Mee, who gained national attention in 2007 after developing a condition of chronic hiccupping, is now facing murder charges in Florida.

Mee, 22, has been charged with murdering Shannon Griffin, also 22. She’s accused of shooting him when two of her friends robbed him after she promised him marijuana.

A co-defendant in the case has been sentenced to life in prison, while another co-defendant has yet to go to trial.

Mee’s hiccups are still prevalent and were on display when she appeared in court earlier this week. Her lawyer, John Trevena, says Mee suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, which can cause hiccups, a fact that he plans to bring up during the trial.

It won't be used as a direct cause for what occurred but it might help explain her errors in judgment and her often thoughtless response to law enforcement.”

Trevena says Mee also suffers from schizophrenia. Mee has been in jail since her arrest in the case in 2010 and has been treated with the anti-psychotic drug thorazine, which, Trevena claims, “controls the hiccups.”

If convicted, Mee could be sentenced to life in prison.

Watch a report about Mee's legal battle, as well as some older reports on her hiccups, below: