Superhero movies are always laden with Easter eggs and references to their source material. And the sneaky crew at Pixar love to fill their movies with homages and callbacks to animated movies past and future. So for Easter Eggs aficionados, a Pixar movie that’s also a superhero movie like Incredibles 2 is basically the Holy Grail of Easter eggs. (We’re really mixing the religious metaphors here, so hold on tight.)

If you’re wondering if A113 shows up in this movie, duh it does. (That combination of letters and numbers is in every Pixar movie to date.) And John Ratzenberger is back for his usual Pixar appearance as well. But there are some other interesting and surprising callbacks to the first Incredibles movie from 2004 (written and directed, like the new one, by Brad Bird) as well as some other movies that have nothing to do with Pixar, The Incredibles, or Brad Bird. (They do have everything to do with the voice of Mr. Incredible, Craig T. Nelson.) Here’s 13 of the best Easter eggs we found in Incredibles 2, which is in theaters now. There are surely more, though, so leave us the ones you spotted in the comments below. (Also, be aware that there are some minor SPOILERS for the film in some of these Easter eggs as well.)

Gallery - More Awesome Pixar Easter Eggs:

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