The company says the restaurants were closed earlier this week because of the lack of quality in their buns.

According to, In-N-Out officials said in a statement on Monday,  "We recently discovered that our buns in Texas do not meet the quality standards that we demand. There was and are no food safety concerns."

That caused the company to close all of its restaurants in Texas which are located along Interstate 35 from San Antonio, up through Austin, to Dallas.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this closure may cause for our customers," said officials with In-N-Out Burger.

The company sent another shipment of buns on Monday and those did not arrive till Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at which point all restaurants were re-opened after the shipments of new buns arrived.

Officials with the burger chain said there was no danger to consumers, the buns just did not meet the quality standards set by In-N-Out Burger.


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