Well, I have lived here all my life but one thing I don't ever remember seeing in my life is a Christmas Eve sandstorm.

I have seen warm, cold, average, rainy, snowy, Christmas Eves in my lifetime but this past week gave me something I had never seen anywhere around Christmas, or at least that I can remember, a sandstorm.

It is just dry enough that if you have a chance of the wind blowing, there will be dust kicked up and that is exactly what happened while I was out doing my last-minute shopping.

Not only was the sky brown and the sun shining through dirt, which is always a lovely way to spend a great holiday like Christmas Eve, but the sand was blowing across the road and the tumbleweeds were rolling with them.

So like I said earlier, that was a first for me having thought I have seen it all, that let me know there are still a few weather-related things I have not seen yet.

So I researched and thought about other stuff I have never seen, and the only other thing I have not seen is a Christmas thunderstorm and tornado.

Now that does not mean I WANT to see that, just merely stating I have not seen those two things happen yet on Christmas.

I personally prefer the nice warm days we have been seeing for the days leading up to Christmas and the couple of days so far that have followed, but I am one of the few in my family that thinks a beach is prettier than the mountains namely because I hate cold weather and winter in general.

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