Everything you need to complete your cool, Texas cowboy look and lifestyle can be purchased from Texas based companies.

I love shopping local and when I can't buy direct from an El Paso based company, I still try and keep things Texan.

Here are some Texas companies that can help you "cowboy up".

First of all, every Cowboy needs a 10 gallon hat, right? For that, look to Texas' very own Stetson. The hat legends may have started up north but today they're based in Garland.

Cowboy boots are also a must and there are many bootmakers bootmakers in the west Texas town of El Paso.

Next, a good pair of jeans. Texas Standard, in Austin can you help you there.

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Now, on to the hardware. Mossberg shotguns are made in Eagle Pass. Their shotguns will keep those mangy rustlers away from your herd.

For your trusty 6 shooter, look to Cimarron Firearms in Fredericksburg. They not only make sidearms, they also have cool, retro designs that look straight outta the 1800's.

If you have a Texas sized sweet tooth, you're covered there too. Snickers, Skittles and Starburst are all made in Waco.

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For that parched and dusty throat, we've got beer thanks to Shiner, Texas..

Need something to flavor up that bland, range food?

Throw a little Pace Picante Sauce, (made in Paris, Texas), on it.

We take our Picante sauce seriously in these parts.

If you are a combination Cowboy/fighter pilot, we got you covered there too. Just swing by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Plant 4, in Fort Worth and get an F-35 Lightning II.

They're kind of expensive but they'll keep your airspace clear.

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