The Texas Power Grid has always been a talking point. One of the biggest is how much stress the grid is under.

The grid has been studied many times, and attempts to ease the stress on the grid have been documented, such as during summertime and the air conditioning. So safe to say, some Texans are nervous on the reliability of the grid during periods of higher stress.

For most of us, the thought of how many people live in the state, and how much of the grid we use isn't a thought we have daily. But the grid does have limits, and if we are to avoid potential rolling blackouts, there has to be a way for everyone to see how the grid is holding up.

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Thankfully, there is indeed a way to observe the grid, and it doesn't involve going outside and just looking the grid itself.

The Texas Power Grid And Power Usage In Real Time

Admittingly, this pretty cool. With the age of technology we live in, Texans can view the grid in real time. If you click here, you can how the grid is fairing with our usage.

So for all of us, this could help ease fears of if the grid is currently struggling. Some Texans might just like watching the grid work as we work. One thing is for sure, now most of us might have the grid info open on our computers to check on now and again right?

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