Many Texans are still shell-shocked from the record-high gasoline prices of last summer. Even though prices have come down, we live under the constant threat that they could go sky-high again at a moment's notice.

That is why Car And Driver says Electric vehicles or EVs are the future. Not so fast says, Porsche.

Porsche says don't count out the internal-combustion engine just yet. They have developed a fuel made with a mixture of air and water. They're calling these environmentally friendly new mixtures, eFuels.

Porsche's eFuel is made from CO2 from the air and hydrogen found in water. They are made using renewable energy.  The final result is a liquid fuel that burns just like gasoline. You can pump it into a standard gasoline-powered vehicle without needing to make any modifications to the engine.

Porsche says they will be making 145 million gallons of this new eFuel by 2030. They produce this fuel now from a new production facility in Chile. Wait. Chile?  Why not here in Texas?  We have a lot of room for windmills and a distribution network.  Not to mention American know-how.

Photo: Porsche
Photo: Porsche

There is one drawback to this fuel.   Right now it costs nearly $45 a gallon to produce. Wow, and you thought gas prices were high last year. Porsche says the price will come down in a few years to $8 a gallon. Looking at this production facility, I can hardly see what would cost $45 a gallon to produce.

Sustainable renewable energy is a great idea, and so is less carbon in the air, but having to pay $700 for a fill-up is not going to work, even for people who can afford to drive a Porsche.

I love the idea of creating eFuel from sustainable sources that cut down on pollution and carbon emissions. As innovative as the science that creates these fuels is, someone is going to have to be inventive enough to make it all affordable.

Gas Price Humor

Problems with electric vehicles also continue. It almost seems that we take two steps forward and three steps back.

Like it or not, we will continue to be held hostage by the price of gasoline for the foreseeable future.  I am willing to bet as bad as it gets, eFuel at $45 a gallon will NEVER be a better value. Next.

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