The 43rd season of "Survivor" has ended and a Texas man is the winner of the million-dollar prize, but he says he will be donating it all to charity.

According to KHOU-TV, Mike Gabler, a heart valve specialist, becomes the second oldest winner of "Survivor" on Wednesday night.

Gabler says he will donate the entire prize of $1 million to veterans.

"There are people who need the money more," said Gabler. "I'm going to donate the entire prize, the million dollars, in my father's name, Robert Gabler, who was a Green Beret to veterans in need who came back with trauma, psychiatric problems, PTSD, and to curb the suicide epidemic. We're going to save lives, do something good."

He also becomes the first contestant on the popular reality show to donate his whole winnings to a cause.

Gabler who is 52, is the second oldest winner of Survivor, the oldest winner was Bob Crowley who was 57 years old when he won the 17th season of "Survivor" back in 2008.

Gabler had an improbable ascent to being the champion of "Survivor" considering on day 3 he asked his tribe to vote him out.

The charity of choice that Gabler will donate his million-dollar prize will be the Veterans in Need Foundation.

Gabler did not make it known until Wednesday night on the live show that he was donating the entire prize to charity.

Mike Gabler is from the Houston area (Kingswood) but is currently a heart valve specialist in Meridian, Idaho.

Check out how it all went down live below:

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