If you love peaches, then this year you should be able to get you a taste of a sweet crop coming out of the Hill Country.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, even though the season gave them late freezes, heavy rains, and heavy winds, the Studebakers are seeing every peach tree full of ripe or ripening fruit.

“We’ve been skating through with a lot of blessings here,” grower Russ Studebaker said, even though he feared the crop would fail.

“In early March, we thought we were going to lose the whole crop,” he said. “We had a late winter blast. We had three mornings that were in the 20s.”

But despite all that, this years looks to be a bumper crop so look on your local store shelves for Hill Country fresh peaches and make yourself a cobbler or just a bowl of peaches and cream.




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