Hilary Duff just recreated one of her most iconic pop culture moments. The Disney Channel alum revisits her 2008 anti-bullying PSA in a hilarious new TikTok.

In the video shared to her TikTok page, Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying and his fiancé Mark Manio play the original video's two teens, who get called out by Duff while shopping.

"Do you like this top?" Hoying asks Manio via lip-sync.

"It's so gay," Manio mouths.

Duff catches wind of the conversation and chimes in with her iconic PSA message, encouraging them to think before they speak.

"You know, you really shouldn't say that," she mouths along to the audio.

"Say what?" Hoying lip-syncs.

"Well, say that's something gay when you mean it's bad. It's insulting. What if every time something was bad, everybody said, 'Ugh, that's so girl wearing a skirt as a top,'" she responds.

Watch the clip below:

Duff filmed the original PSA for the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network in 2008.

The campaign aimed to eliminate the offensive phrase "that’s so gay" from common usage.

Per GLAAD, the campaign was intended to "motivate teens to become allies in the effort to raise awareness, stop using anti-LGBT language, and safely intervene when they are present and anti-LGBT harassment and behavior occurs."

Watch the iconic PSA below:

Recently, the organization condemned the passage of Florida's "harmful" "Don't Say Gay" bill, which they called a "blatant attack on Florida’s LGBTQ+ young people."

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