The Pfizer vaccine was just recommended for emergency use yesterday and the FDA is expected to authorize it today and Midland Memorial Hospital is already making decisions on how the vaccine will be distributed.

According to NewsWest 9, the first round will go toward those most in need, namely healthcare workers and people at high risk such as those that are 65 and older.

The distribution could take a while to get to the second round because if every one of the 1,900 hospital workers at Midland Health takes the vaccine that would leave only 50 doses.

Midland Health is not going to make it mandatory for all hospital workers to get the vaccine, so it is possible that some of the employees will opt out for various reasons, leaving more doses in that case.

Right now, neither Odessa hospitals will be getting the vaccine in the first round, but both hospitals should have their doses by the next week after Midland Health gets theirs.

A reminder that even when the vaccine gets here, things will not get back to normal immediately, the vaccine will take some time to get into enough people to get the pandemic under control.

Once they clear it for me to get the vaccine I will be rolling up my sleeve to get it.

Getting all of us back to a sense of normality again even if it takes months to do so is still better than just letting the virus take its course.

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