Grease is probably one of the best know and loved movies of all time and it is the second best-selling album ever released and top-selling soundtrack in history with 44.7 million copies sold worldwide. So how could we have missed these bloopers?

'Grease' is hot! Pardon the pun, but by now you know that we are celebrating the movie/musical 'Grease' with 'A Night at Rydell High' at the LaHacienda Event Center this Saturday Night. Even Turner Classic Movies is doing a 'Grease' sing-along event so the chances are good you're probably going to watch it again in the near future. Here's some things to look for that you might've missed the first hundred times you watched it!

  • Jeff Conaway had to walk slightly stooped to make John Travolta appear taller.
  • Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into her trousers at the end of the film as the zipper broke. They were put on in the morning and she was not allowed to take them off or go to the restroom while they were on, as the crew would have to waste time sewing them back on.
  • At the end of the group dance when Danny and Cha-Cha get the trophy, you can see Marty fall and she is unable to get up because she keeps stepping on her dress.
  • During the dance, Marty, the girl in the green strapless dress, is talking to the TV presenter next to the camera or something. Just at the end of the scene, she turns, and you can just see the top of her dress fall down quickly. It's only for half a second, so you have to look really carefully.
  • In the pep rally scene where everyone is rushing up to see what Coach Calhoun has to say, you can see a brown-headed girl rush forward, and then you can see a hand reach out and pinch her bottom.
  • During "We Go Together" at the end, John Travolta's mouth is not in sync with the words "we'll always be like one." He appears to start singing "that's the way it should be" before realizing and correcting his mistake.
  • In the soda shop, the waitress turns off the lights with her elbow because her hands are full, but she misses the light switch by 6 inches.
  • In the diner, while Danny and Sandy are in front of the jukebox, you can see the reflection of the overhead microphone in the chrome on the jukebox.
  • In the "Grease Lightning" scene the shop teacher is not standing behind the cast while they are singing, when they stop singing she suddenly reappeares.
  • At the end when they were at the amusement park on the school grounds and John Travolta sees Olivia Newton-John after her bad girl transformation they sing ( you better shape up ) and he falls to her feet at the beginning of the song he (JT) has on a black T-shirt and he's in the dirt... so how come throughout the song the T-shirts gets cleaner (gives a whole new meaning to shout it out).
  • When they're singing, "greased lightening", Danny removes his jacket and throws it on a shelf. When the setting changes however, the jacket has miraculously reappeared on his back!
  • In the beginning credits they spell Frenchy with an "ie" and then in the final credits they spell it "Frenchy."

Get your tickets now for 'A Night at Rydell High' at the LaHacienda Event Center this Saturday Night!

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