If you are the bar-hopping kind, here are five types of guys you will run into at any bar in the Midland/Odessa area.

I have run karaoke at some bars, and have been at remotes for plenty of others, or I have been to concerts at other bars, and here are the guys I have seen hanging out at the bar.

  1. The Oilfield Guy - This is the most common guy you will run into around these parts. The music has to be either rock or country, nothing else works for the oilfield guy because he is only interested in a good time. He will let you know he is in the oilfield to try and impress any of the pretty women within earshot.
  2. The Gym Guy - This is the guy that would never wear a shirt if it was up to him to make sure and impress the ladies with his ripped chest and bulging biceps. He is an impressive sight and he knows it too and he has never met a mirror he didn't like. Compliment him on his arms ladies and you will have free drinks for the rest of the night.
  3. The Fighter Guy - This is not the guy that works for the fire department, this is the guy that is looking to fight anyone and everyone once he gets some "liquid courage" consumed from the bar. This guy will give the bar a one-star rating if he loses a fight and gets kicked out by the bouncer.
  4. The Dancing Guy - This is the guy that is COMPLETELY into the music and can be found at the bars that play more of the top hits or dance music. This is the guy that will be a constant form of entertainment all night long and if he gets enough "liquid courage," he might actually try to spin on his head at some point.
  5. The Old Guy - This guy is way too old to be at the bar but here he is anyway. There are two types of old guys, one is the "age is just a number" guy and he is the fun one. Then there is the "old creepy guy," everyone has seen this one, he lurks around the bathroom area and makes all the ladies hold it way too long because they don't want to come in contact with him. This is one reason why ladies go to the restroom in packs.

There are the 5 types of guys you will run into at any bar in Midland or Odessa.


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