When I leave town, I enjoy the food as much as the change of scenery. This weekend I went to San Antonio for a pre-birthday celebration with my wife and some friends. I’ve been working out for a few weeks, so it was time to feast!

Photos by Spencer

Since my protein input has increased, I decided the best way to take care of that was a T-bone steak! This may not be everyone favorite cut of beef, but to me, you just can’t beat a t-bone.

Photos by Spencer

Another way I treated myself this weekend was fresh seafood. We found a restaurant that just got in a shipment of oysters, so after a dozen and a half, it was time to hit the road...after we bought some fudge.

One night we also had dinner on one of the river barges with food catered by Boudro's. It featured salmon and fresh vegetables, with a wonderful ice cream desert. The only disappointment during the weekend was missing out on the homemade root beer at Schilo’s.

Watching what you eat is important, but I think you’ll be happier if you allow yourself to feast occasionally. Otherwise, life just doesn’t seem as full.

What’s your favorite vacation eatery?