Become a Partner in Hope today to help the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The radiothon is going on all day today and tomorrow (February 4-5, 2021).

I have been a Partner in Hope for 4 years now, and knowing that my monthly gift is going to help out families who have a child battling cancer is the one thing that brings a smile to my face.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital never gives any family a bill for treatment or the stay at their hospital, and it is all because of people like me and many more that give a small monthly donation of $20.

That $20 monthly donation not only pays for treatment at the hospital, it also pays for daily expenses of the families of the child being treated so they can be there for their child or sibling.

They set up the families in very nice apartments and make sure they have meals provided and a comfortable place to stay near the hospital, who does stuff like that?

St. Jude does!!

That is why you should be a Partner in Hope yourself, because for just about 65 cents a day, you are helping a family have a nice place to stay, groceries in the fridge, transportation to and from the hospital, and all of their child's treatments paid in full.

All of that for just 65 cents a day, you can't beat that and you can't beat the feeling you get when you know a child is being treated and hopefully healed from the cancer that has taken hold of their bodies thanks to your monthly donation.

So become a Partner in Hope today by clicking the link below.

You can also call 1-800-372-4999, or text "BELIEVE" to 626262.

Make a difference today by helping out the children of St. Jude.


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