Basin Cares is a Hurricane Harvey relief effort courtesy of our media partners NewsWest 9 and H.E.B.

NewsWest 9, and their parent company Raycom along with H.E.B., are collecting donations at local H.E.B. stores for supplies and food to help out the relief effort for all the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

You can use tear pads inside H.E.B. to donate cash or you can drop off any non-perishable food items and baby supplies in the baskets at the front of the store.

All donations will go to the West Texas Food Bank to get donations sent to the San Antonio food bank which has become a staging location for relief for the coast of Texas.

Remember frozen foods, lunch meat, and bread are all good donations but they will not transport well, so keep donations to dry foods and canned goods that can withstand transport in hot temperatures to South Texas.



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